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·         Engineer and implement a highly scalable system, using the best development practices and tools, within a multidisciplinary team.
·         Help define our development environment, and communicate the best development practices within the organization (i.e. code reviews, testing, etc).
·         Continuously monitor the quality of the system, design measurements to monitor its health (both the engineering systems and data quality).
·         Keep on top of the latest and greatest developments in the distributed systems, the cloud, and data science fields.
·         Work closely with other teams at Schibsted to help integrating the system into each company’s environment.
·       You have 5+ years experience in Frontend development and are familiar with ReactJS.
·        You’re fluent in Javascript ES6 and interested in learning more.
·        You have a good understanding of isomorphisme / Server Side Rendering (Node.js).
·        You’re familiar with API Centric approach.
·        You are comfortable working with multiple stakeholders from different parts of the organization toward a consensus.
About the team:
We’re building a new multidisciplinary team in order to enable all Schibsted affiliates to provide their customers with the data concerning the performance of their ads. This is a brand-new project with no technical debt. This new team is built around intelligent and intellectually inquisitive engineers working on cutting edge technologies and products. We have the opportunity to work at a high degree of complexity and scale. We’re looking for a humble person, able to question him/herself.
We’re looking for intelligent generalists, but these are the desirable technologies we look for, which constitute our technology stack. Don’t worry if you don’t have proficiency in all of them!
·        Javascript ES6
·        React Js
·        Redux
·        Code Review and Pair Programming
·        Code versionning with Github
·        Continuous Integration with Travis
·        Scrum/Agile
API centric approach
Isomorphisme / Server Side Rendering (Node.js)
Closing Date: December 2017
Salary: Competitive (Depending on Experience)
Location: Paris