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Schibsted Media Group is an international media group with 6800 employees in 31 countries. From Mexico to Malaysia, from Brazil to Norway – millions of people interact with Schibsted companies every day. We ensure that new and old sofas can be sold. News reports are read and watched when, where and how consumers want. Weather reports are checked with quick online services. Carpenters are found through a couple of clicks. Prices are compared and the latest fashion is browsed… these examples are just some of the ways our services empower people all around the world in their daily lives.
Engineering Productivity
Our vision
Be at the heart of Schibsted’s engineering process, applying Software Engineering mentality to the challenge of building software that empowers engineering teams to develop and deliver high quality products quickly, impacting thousands of Schibsted engineers and billions of users. Be engineering champions for code health, testability, maintainability and best practices for both development and testing. Be one of the main drivers of the “one company”-message.  
The EngProd team will focus on making Schibsted engineering fast, innovative and competitive, safeguarding the stability and quality of our products and platforms.
In order to achieve this, the EngProd organisation will:
– Devtools: build systems, dev environments, automated code quality assessment and general tooling that allow focusing engineering resources on product development
– Test engineering: frameworks, tooling, infrastructure, training, methodologies, best practises that help teams add real business value to robust products and platforms
– Metrics: providing teams with a set of well-known metrics that are consistently defined and measured across teams and projects.
– Process, guideline and best practice definition. Identify proven solutions within the organisation and work with the engineering teams to spread them. Encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and solutions reuse across engineering teams.
In a typical development workflow like the one showcased below, EngProd focus will be in the Develop, Build and Test areas. While release engineering can be considered a key part in productivity, we are leaving that out of scope given the existence of a Delivery Team. However we see EngProd as a Developer Experience focused glue layer between engineering teams and infrastructure services. Delivery being a key service towards a smooth developer experience.

  • Create and evolution of a new cross-product project from scratch
  • Implement highly scalable systems, using the best development practices and tools
  • Creation of REST services and APIs
  • Event-oriented, cloud hosted services programming
  • Be creative and experiment with new solutions but pragmatic and committed to code optimization, maintainability, and quality

  • Deep knowledge in Java
  • RESTful apis.
  • Experience with high availability websites.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL technologies.
  • Experience with AWS or any other cloud platform.
  • Experience with Agile methodologies.
  • Strong understanding of web performance, scalability, and implementation constraints. High comfort level working with multiple stakeholders from different parts of the organization toward a consensus.