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You may not recognise our name, but Schibsted Media Group technologies and companies empower people every day, in every corner of the world.
Schibsted employs 6,800 people across 30 countries worldwide, all dedicated to helping our 200 million users discover, build and connect. Our customers use us to sell new and old sofas, keep up with current affairs, check the weather, find a carpenter, compare prices, follow the latest fashions…and so much more!
Schibsted Products & Technology is a new start-up within Schibsted. Our brief is to challenge the status quo, keep an open mind and create the global tools, platforms and services of tomorrow. With 200 million monthly active users we are already harnessing huge amounts of data to provide insights on a global scale. Now we are building the common global product platforms and technology infrastructure necessary to create data and identity-based ecosystems.

  • Provide ongoing support with sourcing, contacting, recruiting candidates to fill the needs of a growing technology team at Schibsted.
  • Develop a network of potential candidates and manage the process of bringing them on board at Schibsted.  
  • Work with the technology teams to understand their hiring needs and the time frames in which these need to happen.
  • Ensure that there is a pool of qualified candidates available to fill open roles.
  • Ensure that communication between the candidate and the team is open, honest and continuous.
  • Be the coordination point for matching potential candidates with open roles and team needs with potential candidates.
  • Be a recruitment representative at meetups, industry events, conferences and other gatherings. Be a great team player.

  • 3+ years work experience in a technical recruiting.
  • Innovative and creative, always finding new and better ways to find and approach the superstars.
  • Know how to build your network virtual and in reality.
  • Proven ability to close top talent.
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Great organisational, time management and business partner skills.
  • Be a great business partner to our clients and provide a magical candidate experience.
  • Proven ability to negotiate salary and compensation packages and close top talent.
  • Be comfortable with using data.